21 Day Detox

Do you Want More Energy? Better Sleep? Weight Loss? Clearer Skin? Improved Digestion?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then our 21 Day Detox and Purification Program is for you! Discover how much more vitality and younger you will feel after our program!

These can be signals that your body is toxic, congested and overloaded.


Headaches and Migraines Weight Gain Negative Self Image

Fatigue Hormonal Imbalances Decreased Libido

Brain Fog Skin Conditions Food Cravings

Mood Changes PMS and Menstrual Problems Insomnia

Forgetfulness Allergies Depressive Feelings

Anxiety Joint Pain Decreased Self Love

Reduced Mental Clarity Diarrhea or Constipation Lack of Self Worth

Stuffy Head Chronic Infections Poor Attitude

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Clearer :: Brighter :: Lighter

Our weight loss program entails a purification/detoxification program. The foundation of our 21-day purification program includes eating whole, organic, and unprocessed foods; taking whole food supplements; and drinking plenty of water. You will eat vegetables and fruit from days 1-10, with select proteins added at day 11. It's simple, yet clinically effective.

During the program past patients have lost anywhere from 5-30 lbs in 21 days, with the average weight loss being about 10 lbs per person.†

This detoxification program is a gentle cleanse that includes 5 group workshops facilitated live in Canastota, New York or via teleconference by Dr. Nanci Knox, DC, NTC, all detox supplementation, guidelines, recipes and support. You will discover optimal food choices, vitamins, herbs, shopping tips, menus, and self-care body techniques to enhance your cleanse. The group format provides extra support for succeeding. Private consults and phone consultations are also available upon request.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


21 Day Detox and Purification Program
What's Included …

Dr. Knox offers this life changing program in a variety of formats.  She can lead you through the program one on one, either in person or virtually.  She also hosts a group format in her Canastota office, New York practice as well as virtually a number of times each year.  Dr. Knox is here to guide you through this program and has a number of services, tools, and references that are provided to you each time you journey through her detox program.

  • 21 Day Detox Kit

    All participants will receive a  21-day detox kit consisting of whole food supplements. The 21-day detox program will provide 60 meal replacements during the program.

  • Purification Guide Book

    This resource will guide you through your journey – it details the diet plan and supplement regimen as well as providing room for a detox journal and much more.

  • Four Group Meetings

    Dr. Knox will host four group meetings either in person or virtually to motivate you, discuss the program details, and answer all of your questions.

  • 21 Day Program Cookbook

    Our 21 day program cookbook will provide you with many  amazing, delicious, and healthy detox approved recipes that you will enjoy during the program!

  • Shopping Guide

    You will receive our Purification Program Pantry and Shopping List to make your life easier as you prepare your fridge and pantry for your 21 day program.

  • Shake Recipes

    You will receive our fast and favorite tips, tricks, and recipes to ensure that you can create yummy and nutritious shakes at home.

  • Exercise Program

    You will receive our 20 Minute At Home Body Weight Workout Series so you can get your metabolism moving along with your body!

  • Unlimited Support and Motivation

    Dr. Knox is committed to providing you with as much support as you need in order to create a successful 21 day detox experience for you!

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program

  • Will I Lose Weight?

    This detox program is not designed to be a weight loss program; however, many people lose weight during the course of their detox program. Some of the reasons for this weight loss include: lower than usual caloric intake due to having shakes for meals, taking sugar out of the diet, decreased consumption of allergenic foods such as wheat and release of toxins from fat stores.

  • Will I Be In The Bathroom All Day?

    It is very important to consume extra water while detoxifying to help flush out toxins. Therefore, most people urinate more often than usual on this program. With any detox, you may experience increased bowel movements, but it should not limit your daily activities.

  • Will I Get A Headache?

    Some people experience headaches during the first few days of their detox due to withdrawal from sugar and caffeine. Remember, the week prior to detox you will be decreasing intake of these substances to minimize discomfort. The detox powder will assist your body in cleansing out these substances as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • What About Exercise?

    Exercise facilitates the removal of toxins and it helps you manage a healthy weight. If you are able, it is recommended that you walk at least 30-45 minutes at least four days per week. Strenuous exercise should be put on hold during the three-week period.

  • Will I Be Uncomfortable During the Detox?

    There is bound to be differing opinions about the change in diet but this detox is designed to be gentle and easy to follow. Remember, it is not a fast, nor is it a colon cleanse, which are very harsh on your system. You will be eating plenty of food and the shakes are pleasant tasting. You may feel a slight withdrawal in the first few days if you are giving up a lot of caffeine or a lot of sugar. Have faith, it will pass, and it will all be worth it!

  • Can I Still Eat Food?

    Yes, you will be allowed to eat lean meats, fruits, vegetables, quinoa, legumes, raw seeds, and healthy fats during the 21 day program.

See What Other People Say About Our 21 Day Detox Program

  • Reaching mid-life, I knew things had to change as I was feeling tired and could not take weight off as easily…You started me off with the ‘cleanse’ and after three weeks I lost 13 pounds…Yes, the results were quick and the best part is the way I feel. I have so much energy! It’s not just a diet - it’s a new way of life…Pam

  • I wanted to inform you of how my life has changed since detox.  You told me it would; but I was skeptical - at best. I was at a point where I felt like I had no life. Exhausted, constantly in pain, depressed because I couldn't lose weight.  I was taking approx 50-75 Extra Strength Tylenol & 40-50 Excedrin every week because my joints hurt so badly.  That all changed the first week I was on detox. For the first time in years, I slept soundly through the night.  Not that fitful, restless sleep;  but deep, solid sleep all night long.  My ankles and hands stopped swelling, my headaches went away, and I had unbelievable energy!   I now come home from work, cook a healthy dinner, am actively involved with extra-curricular activities, & even have the energy to exercise.  I no longer take any pain medication, (I mean nothing!) I don't need my prescription diuretic, & I lost 26 pounds in three weeks!! I have continued to maintain this healthy lifestyle since the purification, and I feel better than I have in at least 10 years. Thank you for the opportunity to live my life again!!        Carol H.